Water Bottle with Filter. Value Bundle. (20oz/60cl)


Color: Black and White
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pure water anywhere

Pure Water Anywhere

remove viruses

Removes Viruses

long filter life

Long filter life

fast & easy

Fast & Easy

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SAVE $10 versus buying a bottle and extra replacement filters separately.
* BE PREPARED. Includes three filters so you are prepared for the unknown and always have clean water.
* THE BEST FILTER WATER BOTTLE FOR TRAVEL - Enjoy safe, clean drinking water wherever you go! Convenient small size and superior protection make this the perfect bottle with filter for travel. Drink from any tap anywhere, including Mexico.
* PROTECTS YOU FROM TRAVEL SICKNESS - Avoid dysentery and travel related diseases. Filters viruses like Hepatitis A (most filter bottles do not remove viruses) plus bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides. Get the assurance of safe clean water wherever you are!
* BEST WATER FILTER ON THE MARKET - Most filter bottles use outdated carbon filters. Water-to-Go water filter bottles have an innovative triple layer filter that combines mechanical filtration, activated carbon and electropositive nanofiltration to ensure your drinking water is safe. The best water bottle with filter for international travel.
* LAB PROVEN - Tested by four independent labs to verify that Water-to-Go filters contaminants as small as a virus.
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  • Water filter bottle for travel protects you from travel sickness wherever you go.
  • SAVE $10 versus buying a bottle and extra replacement filters separately.
  • Filters Viruses. Most water filter bottles for travel offer little protection from viruses like hepatitis.
  • Extreme Protection. Filters viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, microplastics.
  • Long Filter Life. One filter provides 53 gallons (200 liters), lasts 3 months. Each bottle comes with a large 26oz/75cl filter for extended filter life and enhanced flow rate.
  • Earth Friendly. Each filter replaces 400 single-use plastic bottles. Bottle is recyclable. Filter is compostable.
  • Easy to Use. Scoop-and-Go design. Just fill, replace lid, drink. No pumping, plunging, UV light or chemicals required.
  • Fast. Clean water in seconds. Purifies water as you drink

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