Water Bottle with Filter. Value Bundle.


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pure water anywhere

Pure Water Anywhere

remove viruses

Removes Viruses

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Long filter life

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SAVE $11 versus buying a bottle and extra replacement filters separately. (Discount codes are not valid as this bundle is already discounted.)
* BE PREPARED. Includes three filters so you are prepared for the unknown and always have clean water.
* GREAT FOR EMERGENCY KITS. A great portable water purifier for safe water anywhere, any time. Tough thick sides means this water filter bottle can endure plenty of use and abuse.
* FILTERS VIRUSES. Most filtered water bottles cannot remove dangerous viruses like Hepatitis. This one can! Filters contaminants found in compromised water systems after disasters including viruses from sewerage, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, and chemicals.
* HAVE PLENTY OF WATER IN EMERGENCIES. One filter = 400 single-use plastic bottles of water.

  • Great Water Filter Bottle for Survival. Perfect for Emergency Kits. Tough thick sides means this bottle can endure plenty of use and abuse. This is the water filter bottle chosen by hard-core adventurers around the globe.
  • SAVE $11 versus buying a bottle and extra replacement filters separately. This water filter bottle for survival value bundle includes three filters (equal to 1200 bottles of water) so you are well-prepared for the unknown. 
  • Better than storing plastic bottles of water. - Each filter replaces 400 single use plastic bottles. Avoid that unpleasant plastic taste from water stored for months in plastic containers.  Reuse your Water-to-Go bottle over and over again with its quick filter replacement system and save both money and the planet!
  • Better than boiling water. Boiling does not remove toxic chemicals that contaminate drinking water in emergencies.
  • Filters Viruses. Most water filter bottles offer little protection from viruses like hepatitis as well as viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, microplastics.

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