survival water filters for any emergency

Water-to-Go emergency water filters protect you from water-borne illness in emergencies when water supplies are compromised. Most water filter bottles do not filter dangerous viruses like Hepatitis but Water-to-Go does for added protection when you need it most. The water bottle for life.

Active grey red water filter bottle
Water to Go Active water filter bottle changes dirty water to clean water

Water Bottle with Filter (25oz/75cl).

Best Seller. Large size. Versatile, great for travel or outdoors. Available in two colors.
Water-to-Go bioplastic water filter bottle with filter (black)
Water Bottle with Filter for Travel (18.5oz/55cl) - Water to Go

Water Bottle with Filter for Travel (18.5oz/55cl)

The ideal travel bottle. Fits carryon bags and daypacks. Sustainable bioplastic. Machine washable.
Active 60cl grey and white  water purifier bottle
Changes dirty water into clean pure water

Water Bottle with Filter (20oz/60cl)

Great for travel and home. Small and convenient 20oz size. Available in two colors.
Green Classic bottle, with cap open, adjacent to black filter
Water to Go Classic water filter bottle (black) transforms dirty water clean water

Water Bottle with Filter (25oz/75cl)

Large and durable. Tough bottle with thick sides. Great for hardcore adventure and survival kits.
$81.00 $84.00


  • “Spectacularly easy to use water filter bottles."

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    “This is the purifier for you.”

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    “Turn any water into fresh, clean drinkable H2O, wherever you go.”

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    ”One of the best portable filtration offerings for travel and outdoors enthusiasts. It’s simple to use and provides immediate results.”