bike water bottles with filters

Ever cut your ride short due to no place to get water? Or worse, bonk because you are dehydrated? Elevate your cycling experience with our innovative water filter bottle that lets you ride without worry. Fill up at any lake, stream or big puddle along your route. Engineered by cyclists, this bike water bottle fits seamlessly into bike cages, ensuring easy access to water on every ride. Say goodbye to bulky hydration packs and hello to more water with less weight. Whether you're tackling rugged trails or cruising through the city, our cycling water bottle is a must-have accessory for any biking enthusiast. Looking for great gifts for a cyclist? Look no further than our premium water bottle for biking.

A cycling water bottle designed by cyclists

No more bonking. No more cutting a ride short due to lack of water. Fits neatly in bike cages. Easy to grab. Hygienic flip top spout keeps dirt away from your mouth.

See it in action!

Watch this Canadian mountain biker purify dirty water in seconds.

Purify water in seconds

Oh look, a lake! Time to fill up.

Hop off, fill the bottle, replace lid, drink. That's it. The bottle purifies water as you drink, in seconds.

One filter is equal to 400 plastic bottles of water so one filter goes a long long way.

  • Clean_Water_In_Seconds

    Clean water in seconds

    Just fill, replace lid, and drink. No chemicals, pumping or plunging.

  • filters viruses

    Filters Viruses

    Most water filter bottles fail to filter viruses. Water-to-Go does.

  • reusable

    Reusable. Recyclable. Compostable.

    BPA-free bottles are reusable and recyclable. Filters are compostable.

  • lab proven

    Lab Proven

    Independently tested against internationally recognized standards by industry specialists in the USA, UK, China and India.


Water-to-Go filters dangerous viruses like hepatitis that most filter bottles do not filter.

Water-to-Go filter design