a smart addition to your bikepacking accessories gear list

Maximize hydration and minimize weight by using bikepacking water filter bottles. Perfectly suited for the intrepid bikepacker, our bottles allow you to replenish your water supply from any lake, pond, or stream along your journey. Engineered for convenience, our rapid filtration system purifies water in seconds, effectively removing giardia and other contaminants to ensure every sip is safe and refreshing. Designed to fit most bike cages, these bottles seamlessly integrate into your bikepacking accessories. Experience the freedom of the open road with more water and less weight, thanks to our innovative bikepacking water filter bottles.

The Ideal bikepacking water filter

Designed by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. A smart item for any ultralight backpacking gear list. The bottle weighs only 4.9 ounces and allows you to have plenty of water without carrying lots of extra weight. Fits standard bike cages. Tough and durable. A great bikepacking acesssory and gift for the avid bikepacker.

Canadian Mountain Biker

See it in action!

Mountain biker SpeedyMinty fills his bikepacking water filter bottle to drink from a dirty mountain stream.

  • Clean_Water_In_Seconds

    Clean water in seconds

    Just fill, replace lid, and drink. No chemicals, pumping or plunging.

  • filters viruses

    Filters Viruses

    Most water filter bottles fail to filter viruses. Water-to-Go does.

  • reusable

    Reusable. Recyclable. Compostable.

    BPA-free bottles are reusable and recyclable. Filters are compostable.

  • lab proven

    Lab Proven

    Independently tested against internationally recognized standards by industry specialists in the USA, UK, China and India.


Water-to-Go filters dangerous viruses like hepatitis that most filter bottles do not filter.

Water-to-Go filter design