Water filters that remove lead from your drinking water anywhere you go

A lead water filter needs to filter lead and other heavy metals wherever you want to drink water, not just at home. That is why a portable water filter bottle is an ideal choice to filter lead, arsenic, chromium and other heavy metals at home, school, work or the gym. It also filters chlorine and fluoride. For pure drinking water anywhere you go, bring along a Water-to-Go water purifier bottle.

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    Clean Water In Seconds

    Just fill, replace lid and drink. No waiting. No chemicals. No batteries.

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    Reduce Lead Exposure

    Filters heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and microorganisms as small as a virus.

  • More Water, Less Waste

    Safe drinking water without buying single use plastic water bottles.


Lead is not just a problem in Flint MI.

A new National Resources Defence Council (NRDC) analysis of the most recent EPA data shows that between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2020, 186 million people in the United States—a staggering 56 percent of the country’s population—drank water from drinking water systems detecting lead levels exceeding the level of 1 part per billion (ppb) recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics to protect children from lead in school water fountains. 

      Watch the Water-to-Go filter in Action

      Watch the filter transform a can of Coke into clear drinking water!

      You can put any contaminated fresh water into a Water-to-Go water purifier bottle to filter out lead, chemicals, microbes and microplastics.

      See our filter transform dirty water to pure water