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    Pure Water In Seconds

    Just fill, replace lid and drink. No waiting. No chemicals. No batteries.

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    Extreme Protection

    Filters dangerous contaminants that cause illness, including viruses.

  • More Water, Less Waste

    Safe drinking water without buying single use plastic water bottles.

Water-to-Go water filter bottles purify Dominican Republic tap water so you have safe drinking water anywhere.

  • "In the Dominican Republic, tap water is generally not considered safe to drink. It’s better to avoid drinking tap water, even in hotels."
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Can your drink the water in the Dominican Republic?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, you should only drink purified or bottled water with sealed tops. While it may sound alarming, there is an easy explanation for it. Your body is not accustomed to the microbes in the Dominican Republic's water. Drinking from the tap only increases your chances of contracting an upset tummy or traveler's diarrhea. When vacationing in paradise, who has time for that? 

Transform dirty water to pure water in seconds.

Just fill, replace lid and drink. No chemicals. No batteries. No plungers. No hassle.

See our filter transform dirty water to pure water

A water filter bottle is practical and sustainable. One Water-to-Go filter is equivalent to 400 single-use plastic bottles. That is a lot of bottles not polluting our oceans and beaches.

Family of Water to Go water filter bottles

More water, less weight.

While on vacation the last thing you want is to haul around big bottles of water. With Water-to-Go you can refill your bottle at any tap (or stream, pond, lake) you find. The filter purifies water as you drink, in seconds.