Ethically produced.

Water-to Go is a member of Bonsucro. The sugarcane used to produce Water-to-Go bottles is sourced from Bonsucro accredited farms and factories where every aspect of labor and environmental protection is certified to exacting international standards.

Truly sustainable.

Sugarcane sequesters carbon as it grows. Sugarcane plant not killed in harvest. Just the top is harvested so the plant keeps growing. The plant regrows in 100 days.

After the harvested plant material is processed to produce sugar and ethanol, the remaining waste material is used to create our plant-based plastic. 

Earth friendly.

The body of the bottle is made from sustainably produced and ethically harvested 100% sugar cane. Bonsucro certified producers reduce water use by 50%, nitrogen fertilizer use by 28% and greenhouse gas emissions by 55%. Even Water-to-Go's carbon-neutral packaging is earth friendly, made from recycled cardboard, and printed using vegetable inks.

Durable and long lasting.

Machine washable just like other plastic bottles but made from plants, not petroleum. (Wash the bottle only, not the filter.) Like all Water-to-Go bottles, the sugarcane bottle is designed to be used over and over for years.


You are what you drink.

Drink from any tap, lake, river, pond in confidence.  Filter viruses (most filter bottles fail to remove viruses), bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and microplastics. Proven by four independent labs on four continents and by 500,000 explorers around the globe.

Plant plastic means less plastic.

One filter replaces 400 single-use plastic bottles. Over the last decade  Water-to-Go filters have replaced 180 million single-use plastic bottles that would otherwise be filling up landfills, polluting beaches and floating in the ocean.

Reusable. Recyclable. Compostable.

Water-to-Go bottles are durable and have been used by explorers around the globe year after year. Use the bottle over and over. Then recycle using existing recycling programs. The filter itself can be composted.

All Water-to-Go bottles can be custom-branded.

As part of its commitment to reduce plastic waste, tourism company Kuoni created its own branded bottle. The bottle has been tried and tested by more than 250 Kuoni staff on their own travels over the past year.

To inquire about a custom branded bottle for your organization please register using the form below.