Americans don’t trust their tap water

Drinking water quality is something we shouldn’t be concerned about, but we are. Sixty million Americans say they don’t trust their tap water – and don’t drink it. Billions of single-use water bottles are sold each year and global consumers spend billions of dollars on filtered water bottles to ensure that their drinking water is safe. Global weather events, such as hurricanes and floods, contaminate water supplies, even in the United States. 

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Water-to-Go filters dangerous viruses like hepatitis that most filter bottles do not filter.

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  • “Millions of people continue to face serious water quality problems because of contamination, deteriorating infrastructure, and inadequate treatment at water plants.”
  • Consumer Reports. “How Safe Is Our Drinking Water” 3/21/21
Woman filling Water to Go water filter bottle at sink

Tap water safety is about more than lead and chlorine.

The National Institutes of Health considers viruses a significant barrier to safe drinking water – even minimal exposure can result in sickness. An Associated Press investigation discovered an array of pharmaceuticals in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans. Among the substances found were antibiotics, anticonvulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones.

Even safe tap water can become unsafe at certain times of year. Hurricane season often compromises tap water with bacteria in states along the south Atlantic and Gulf coasts.  When a bad storm froze pipes major Texas cities had to issue notices to boil water before consumption. 

hands holding flowing water from tap

Drinking tap water should not be Russian roulette

If you’re drinking water from a water filter bottle, you probably assume the filter is effective at filtering dangerous contaminants, like viruses. But the truth is, most filter bottles don’t work. They use outdated filter technology that doesn’t completely purify your drinking water, allowing viruses and other microbes to pass right on through.

The water from your home tap might be good but the water at school or the gym has lead. The water from the tap on vacation might have E coli bacteria. You just don’t know. Drinking from most water filter bottles is Russian roulette.

The Water-to-Go purification system provides you with the peace of mind that your filter bottle delivers clean, safe drinking water, regardless of the water source. If there is something dangerous in your drinking water, we likely filter it.

Illustration showing one filter replaces 400 plastic bottles

Reusable, Recyclable, Sustainable

Buying single use plastic bottles has a cost for your wallet and for our planet. Spare yourself the cost and waste of buying single use plastic water bottle to stay hydrated while traveling.  Spare the planet by reducing single use plastic. One Water-to-Go filter replaces 400 plastic bottles that do not end up in landfill or in our oceans.